Friday, March 19, 2010

My Favorite Model...

Being the mother of a one-year old little boy gives me ample opportunity to 'play' around with my photography, or as much as he'll let me anyway. For the most part he is a cheerful model, maybe hyper being the better word, jumping on the background with such glee that is pulls down the backdrop, sends the clamps flying through the air, all the while smiling for the does that happen? I get the cutest pictures and love to go with the flow. The best pictures have been those that I just let him do his thing. With that in mind, I've made a list of so-called conditions for prepping your little one for the best photography session they can have.

Make sure the timing is right: For them

Little children tend to be unpredictable when they are too tired or hungry. By planning around their schedule, you are one step closer to having cooperative toddlers.

Go to their environment

If at all possible, pick a location that the toddler is familiar with. Whether it is in their backyard or at a local park, toddlers feel more at ease when they are comfortable with their surroundings. If you do shoot in a new environment, give the child a little time to get used to the area.

Follow their lead

I don't know of too many toddlers who like to sit still for very long, so formal posing can be a little trying. Instead use that curiosity and energy to your advantage. Follow them around (this is where your running shoes come in handy) and capture them engaging in their daily activities and discoveries.

We all know that when toddlers decide they are not doing something, then they are not doing it! Sometimes no matter what you do, they just have had enough. Following the above suggestions will help the toddler stay happy at being the center of so much attention.


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